Prentiss Creek Estates
The Homeowners Association of Prentiss Creek Estates
What's all this about Nextdoor?

Nextdoor The Prentiss Creek Nextdoor neighborhood is an online social media network which provides a way to communicate with your neighbors. Posts can be marked to be only accessible by residents and homeowners of Prentiss Creek Estates, or you can include a wider list of nearby neighborhood groups as well. Some local agencies such as the village, county, school and sanitary districts are able to post messages through Nextdoor, but can only read replies to their own posts.

Question Pose a question to your neighbors (you can choose whether you will receive messages individually or daily by email, or just on the website).

Calendar Check for free dates on the Events page (click Filter and then Prentiss Creek Estates to only see neighborhood events) then Add Event to make a clubhouse reservation.

Directory Find your neighbors using the Neighborbood directory, and please fill out your own profile.

How do I sign up?

Sign up You can join by visiting this link. Nextdoor verifies your address to ensure that only real residents can join.

Help If you need help or have any other questions about using Nextdoor, email Andrew Johnson.